Kids' Activity Book Europe
NEW!!! FlyingKids’ Travel Guides have a younger sibling series … one perfect for your younger learners and travelers! 

Kids’ Activity Book – Europe

Young kids have fun discovering Europe with this coloring and activity book.

Your kids will color their way to learning about Europe with their very own personal travel guide, Leonardo. As their imagination comes into play, their perception and understanding of various cultures, history and geography, maps, food, flags, and symbols become real.  Even the youngest will be able to relate to and appreciate what they are experiencing.

Whether traveling or learning at home, Kids’ Activity Book – Europe is ideal as an introduction to the world. This educational and entertaining coloring book is perfect for flights, car rides, and down time when you aren’t sight-seeing.  Packed with full sized coloring activities, interactive puzzles and games on every page, Leonardo keeps your youngsters actively involved and entertained.  He’s better than a baby sitter could ever be!

If you’re planning a trip to Europe, the Kids’ Activity Book -Europe is the perfect companion to FlyingKids’ Travel Guide to Europe and to the other books in the series focused on specific countries. The Kids’ ACTIVITY Book – Europe includes visits to Spain, France, Italy, Germany, and the United Kingdom.  Your kids will explore and color the attractions and highlights of each country while truly being a part of the discovery of a new place.

The coloring book and activities are so much fun even your older travelers will relish the opportunity to use their imagination and color a few pages.  That’s okay; in fact, we know sometimes parents like to color too.

Kids’ Activity Book – Europe is the fun and interactive way to discover Europe!

Don’t forget Crayons and colored pencils!