Kids' Travel Guide - SkiMake sure your kids get the most out of the ski vacation with the Kids’ Travel Guide — Ski.

The best gift for ski vacation – for the kids and the whole family!

The fun way to get your children to love skiing.

Together with Leonardo, their very own ski guide, your kids will have so much fun discovering about the history of winter sports, basic ski and snowboard terms and positions, the different lifts that take them up the mountain, and all the exciting things that happen at a ski resort.

From planning and packing to returning home: the ski and snowboard guiding book and diary will become a souvenir of your travel that the whole family can treasure for a lifetime. 

You, the parents… All you need to do is to relax and enjoy your ski resort while you enjoy your skiing children.


Grab a copy of the most fun, educational, and interesting ski guides for kids and Enjoy a new family adventure.

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