Kids’ Travel Guide — USA & New York City

Kids’ Travel Guide — USA & New York City: The fun way to discover the USA & New York City—especially for kids!

Would you like your kids to learn, have fun, stay entertained, and get the most out of your trip? Special travel guide especially for your kids!

– Everything from planning and packing to returning home with great family memories and knowledge about the places you visited.

– Fun, educational, and interesting—engages your kids in the family vacation.

– Your children will have their very own kid-friendly tour guide, Leonardo.

Kids’ Travel Guide – USA & New York City is a special edition combines the information and value of both the Kids’ Travel Guide — USA and the Kids‘ Travel Guide — New York City. Your children can have fun and learn about the USA in general, and the attractions of New York City specifically, in one combined book!

With Kids’ Travel Guide – USA & New York City your kids will enjoy:

– Basic information about the USA: its geography, flag and symbols, and interesting history, as well as American culture — including customs, entertainment, and even food. Don’t worry … Leonardo delivers all this information in a very interesting and colorful way.

– Top sites recommended in New York City: Leonardo provides kids with interesting information, challenging tasks, fun tips, and exciting quizzes at every site.

– Background information on New York City: its relevant history, its culture, its transportation

system, and many fascinating facts about the city.

You, the parents, are invited to participate, or to find an available bench and relax while you enjoy your active children.