The fun way to discover the UK & London—especially for kids

Going on a family vacation to London?

Make sure your kids have a great time exploring the United Kingdom and exciting London with the Kids’ Travel Guide – UK & London. This special edition combines the highlights of both the Kids’ Travel Guide – United Kingdom and the Kids’ Travel Guide – London.

Together with Leonardo, their very own tour guide, your kids will have so much fun discovering the UK—its history and geography, its food and culture, and even some of its unusual expressions and superstitions. And they’ll get to know all about the city of London and the best sites for children. Leonardo makes it interesting with “juicy information,” challenging quizzes, special tasks, and colorful activities.

Leonardo will join your kids in every step of the journey, from packing at home to seeing the sights in London. And when you return home, the book will become a souvenir of your trip that kids can treasure for a lifetime.

You can also purchase books focusing on the city of London or the countries of the United Kingdom separately:

Kids’ Travel Guide – London—all about London and the best sites for kids.

Kids’ Travel Guide – United Kingdom—all about the UK, no matter which area you visit.