Kids’ Travel Guide — Ski

Congratulations, your family is going on a ski vacation!

Now you just have to do your research, pack your bags, and make your travel arrangements in preparation for a great time. But what about your children? You probably want them to have fun and learn on the ski trip too!

With Kids’ Travel Guides, your children will have their very own kid-friendly ski guide, Leonardo. He has many fun ways to get your children involved in every step of the process, from planning and packing to safety on the slopes. He even created a ski fitness plan, and encourages the kids to involve Mom and Dad in the process.

Kids’ Travel Guide — Ski focuses on the important things that kids need to know about skiing and snowboarding. They’ll learn about the history of winter sports, basic ski terminology and positions, the different lifts that take them up the mountain, and all the exciting things that happen at a ski resort.

Kids’ Travel Guide — Ski will help the whole family have a more enjoyable and memorable vacation!

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