Kids' Travel Guide - Paris MuseumsWould you like your kids to learn about art, have fun, and get the most out of your visit in Paris museums?

Whether you are museum lovers or not, you are probably wondering whether to include museum visits in this trip or whether to wait until the kids are older. If you have decided to include museum trips, then this is the book for you, and if you are still debating, then this is the book for you!

Paris is known for its famous museums and a visit to these museums is compulsory, even for those who don’t habitually visit museums. The reality is often quite different. Parents find themselves frustrated as they struggle to convince their kids to join them for a museum trip. Also, often during the museum visit, the parents want to enjoy the visit but the kids are too impatient. Children are often not familiar with and do not understand what they are seeing, and due to this, everyone’s frustration grows.

With Kids’ Travel Guide – Paris Museums, your children will be exposed to the world of museums and art. Leonardo, their very own guide, will introduce them to four main art museums and the children’s science museum. Additionally, some parts of the book are dedicated to summaries of the visit, to the Most Beautiful Piece of Art competition (the family votes on who gets first place), and more.

The Kids’ Travel Guide – Paris Museums is designed to encourage your children to experiment, to be active and, of course, to internalize information and experiences during the trip and afterwards. Maybe you, the parents, will learn something too.

The Kids Travel Guide – France focuses on basic background information: geography, flags and symbols, interesting history and getting to know the French culture; including customs, language and even food. Don’t worry; Leonardo delivers it in a very interesting and colorful way; full of activities, fun facts, tasks and special graphic design.

The Kids’ Travel Guide – Paris focuses on top attractions for kids in the city of lights. Leonardo, introduces the kids to each site, gets them interested in fun facts, gives them tips and quizzes, and challenges them with tasks and activities on the spot.

You can also buy a combination of all three books in a special edition, together with this Paris Museum guide. The Paris experience is not complete without the 3 parts of the Kids’ Travel Guide series.

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