Kids' Travel Guide - France, Paris and MuseumsWould you like your kids to learn, have fun, stay entertained, and get the most out of your trip to Paris?

Congratulations, your family is going on vacation to Paris! Now you just have to do your research, pack your bags, and make your travel arrangements in preparation for a great time. But what about your children? You probably want them to have fun on the vacation too! Maybe you are wondering about the best ways to keep them interested and entertained, help them learn about the places you are going to visit, and make sure they get the most out of this trip.

The Kids’ Travel Guide series is here to help. This series is written and designed especially for kids. It is full of colorful facts, fascinating “Did you know?” information, fun tasks, exciting activities, useful tips, and challenging quizzes about your destination. Along the way, there are opportunities for kids to attach pictures, write notes, and keep track of what they enjoyed most.

With Kids’ Travel Guides, your children will have their very own kid-friendly tour guide, Leonardo. He has many fun ways to get your children involved in every step of the process, from planning and packing to returning home with great family memories and knowledge about the places you visited.

This special edition combines three books in one, allowing your kids to make the most of their visit to Paris!

  • France. Basic background about the country: geography, flags and symbols, interesting history, and the French culture — including customs, language, and even food.
  • Paris. Background information on the city, its relevant history, how it looks, its transportation system, and more fascinating facts about Paris. This section also covers the top sites recommended for children.
  • Paris Museums. Information on four main museums. Kids will learn the basics of painting and different art styles, as well as how to play the museum game. We promise you and your kids a new and unique experience as museum visitors.

With this combined edition, kids will benefit from the overall picture of France, along with a more specific focus on the top attractions of the city of Paris and its museums. At each site, Leonardo will provide the kids with interesting information, challenging tasks, useful tips, and exciting quizzes. You, the parents, are invited to participate, or to find an available bench and relax while you enjoy your active children.

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