Planning to take the kids to Italy? KIDS’ TRAVEL GUIDE – ITALY is their best companion in this journey

Posted on Aug 5, 2014


Going on vacation to Italy?

Italy is, no doubt, one of the most beautiful and complex European destinations, welcoming your whole family with remarkable attractions. Still, seeing Italy through the eyes of an adult can be totally different than a child would expect. And you might end up with a chaos vacation, with your children complaining about everything and your frustration of not seeing the best of it.

Kids’ Travel Guide – Italy is a book especially created for your children. It includes all relevant places and information, into a playful manner, totally involving the kids into this experience. Leonardo, the kid-friendly tour guide, will offer them useful tips, fascinating “Did you know?” information and catchy activities, so they will not only enjoy every minute of your Italian journey, but will learn and remember at least major data about its geography, history, customs, food, etc.

The Kids’ Series for Italy also includes the “Italy & Rome” and “Rome”, with more in-depth details about the Italian capital. And we haven’t forgotten about you, parents, either. The “Parents’ Travel Guide – Rome” will help you with more tips and useful information.


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