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By cbone on June 28, 2016
Excellent travel book excellent customer service

I love everything about these travel guides for children. My daughter’s class learns the ins and outs about a different country every month. This is an excellent learning guide for the classroom. The book is super informative In a very child friendly way through games and questionnaires. This is also a great travel guide for children to take on a trip. It will definitely get your child to appreciate the location that they are visiting and to get them excited for the trip.
I had some trouble purchasing this item and contacted their customer service. This company is excellent. They answered all of my questions and concerns immediately. They are very friendly and provides immediate resolution to all problems.

By Mrs. M. Giddens on June 27, 2016
Brilliant fun interactive guide for Kids

This colourful and informative guide to London is ideal for younger children to keep them interested and excited about visiting London and also helps them record what they saw so creating a great memory book about their trip.

By alison clark on June 27, 2016
Brilliant a 4in1 Book !!!!

Absolutely amazing !!!! I am taking my niece (7) and nephew (5) to London in the summer holidays as they are spending a week with me so this was 1 of the things Id planned. I saw this and thought it would be a great backround for them …….. Its way more than that
1- The book has infomation about the parks , shopping places, museums religious places
2- It has quizes for the kids to fill out while there there
3- It has tick of tasks of things to see whilst your there in parks etc
4- It has a journal at the back to record all there best buts.
How cool is that !!!!
This will keep them amused as we are going along and also to fill in before bed time and on the way home – 10/10 from me

By Amazon Customer on October 8, 2015
Very good resource if you’re preparing for an overseas trip

Very good resource if you’re preparing for an overseas trip. Pictures, activities and questions throughout. Good quality. I bought these thinking it would be good for my 12 yo son. It was little below him though. We will still use, but would recommend for up to 10 yo.


By meirav melamed on October 1, 2015
Love it! Our second one from this series.

My 10.5 years old son got the England’s Kids’ guide for our upcoming trip in England. He loves it and starts reading immediately. I found that publisher (FlyingKids) released London Kids’ Guide and I ordered it right away. The book is well designed, full of interesting items and very friendly. The London’s guide provides lots of interesting details about attractions in the city


By reader susan on October 2, 2015
Great kids’ guide to London

Great kids’-eye view of London. Gives kids their own travel guide where they can read about and look forward to the sights they’re going to see–and share their new knowledge with the whole family. Puzzles, games, and quizzes keep kids entertained during downtimes. A great addition to a family trip to London.


By Amazon Customer on January 6, 2016
 This book was great! Perfect for my 5- and 7-year-olds on our … 

This book was great! Perfect for my 5- and 7-year-olds on our recent trip to Thailand: fun activities, colorful pictures, and just the right level of information for children that age (helpful, but not overwhelming). Will look for other books in this series whenever we travel in the future!


By reader Nivonia on November 5
Educational and entertaining 

This book was spectacular for my daughter during our trip to Thailand. It is well-put-together and had lots of content for an 8 year-old. It not only kept her busy during long flights but taught her a lot about Thailand in the process. Heck, it taught us a lot about Thailand, too!


By Laura Spiczka on November 8, 2015
Fantastic. This was perfect for my 8 year old …

Fantastic. This was perfect for my 8 year old as we spent a week in Paris


By spsatnoahs on 28 January, 2016
This kid’s book is a great mix of visual and fun about New York! 

Bought this book for my 9 year old daughter for a pending trip to New York – was looking for something that would engage her but also something that she could/read do herself. Think she will be very pleased with it, as it is visual with lots of bright pictures and has a good mix of information and related activities to do (quizzes, tick lists, travel log etc.). It covers all the main sites that spring to mind when thinking of New York (Empire State, Central Park, 5th Avenue, American Museum of Natural History, MOMA, Yankee Stadium, Brooklyn Bridge etc.). It also has a page covering the 9/11 Memorial that is age appropriate. Think the book would suit age 6-10 year olds in terms of reading and content.


By Clair on 15 January, 2016
My 5 yr old son loves it

We’re travelling to NYC in a few months and my 5 yr old son has loved reading about it before we go. He will bring the guide with us.
It’s great for children from 5 yrs (or first reading and probably up to about 9 or 10.


By Amazon Customer on October 22, 2015
Easy to use

Concise, easy to use, good reference AND not too bulky or heavy to carry around!


Kids' Travel Guides - by FlyingKids

Kids’ Travel Guides – by FlyingKids