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If you are planning a family trip to New York, the Kids’ Travel Guide – USA and New York is a terrific way to really engage your children in your holiday.  Interactive, colourful, and interesting, it really adds something special to your vacation.  And don’t forget Leonardo, the helpful travel companion who will help your children to prepare for their adventure and teach them loads about the city and country.  Journal entries mean that it is also a wonderful reminder of their trip long after they have returned to everyday life back at home.  They can flick through the colourful pages and reminisce about their fab family holiday in the Big Apple.

With great information about the USA in general and an in-depth look at New York’s iconic attractions, it is a great way for kids to learn more about the city they will be visiting and the wider country / culture / symbols etc.  It helps kids to see how the city fits into the country.

Information is presented so as to be appealing to kids.  Broken down into easy to understand chunks, your kids can learn the main facts and juicy bits without any added fluff.

The activities are designed so as to be fun for kids and make them want to learn more.

Don’t be surprised if you find your kids asking to take a Kids’ Travel Guide long on every future trip!

What Information Will my Kids Find in the Book?

The book contains lots of information about many different topics.

There are some interesting facts about the USA’s colourful history, details about the flag and national symbols, and an overview about the people of the US.

Maps show young adventurers exactly where they will be in relation to the rest of the world.  They can see the large USA and then dig deeper and find New York within the country.

Kids who are like trying different foods will love the pages on cuisine.  Dedicated to all foodie things, your kids can look forward to trying different dishes when they arrive.

Currency and special achievements add something different to the country information, and your kids will also learn a bit about some of the main destinations in the USA.


When it comes to the specific New York section, popular attractions are covered in child-friendly details.  After visiting different places your kids can have fun completing the associated tasks.  Destinations include places like Central Park, the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, the Bronx Zoo, the Yankee Stadium, Broadway, Central Park Zoo, Coney Island … and more!


Whether your kids are into sports, are fans of the animal kingdom, are budding thespians, enjoy seeing iconic landmarks, or are young culture vultures, the wide variety of attractions covers all bases and really does have something for everyone.

The transportation section means that your kids won’t feel quite so overwhelmed in the crowds on New York’s busy transportation systems; knowing what to expect gives children a small sense of familiarity, which in turn can alleviate some of the nerves.  Kids might even be excited to get there and try out all the different ways of moving around the city!

Fun facts help to spark kids’ imagination and the top tips can be really handy for young travellers.

What are the Activities?

There are numerous activities related to the USA as a whole and also in more detail about New York.

The activities are designed to be fun and interesting and also to help kids learn more about the USA and New York.  Curious kids need wonder no longer!

Your children can practice a range of core skills too, such as reading, writing, drawing, logic, geography, and maths.  Not only are they enhancing their knowledge of the world but they can also build on some basic transferable skills in the process!

Activities include quizzes, diary entries, locating information, colouring, photography, word searches, counting exercises, crosswords,  word scrambles, timelines, joining the dots, asking questions to the rest of the family, recording opinions, on the spot exercises (similar to a treasure trail, where kids must look all around them at places to find the answers), matching exercises, and more!

Why Should I Buy This Book?

If you want your kids to learn more whilst on holiday and be completely engaged with some great activities, information, and tips, this book is for you!

It answers many of the questions that your children may have about a new destination – quenching their thirst for knowledge and satisfying their curiosity.  This also means that they will ask you less questions – and can instead share their newly learnt knowledge with you!  You never know, they may manage to teach you some interesting things that you didn’t already know!  Some great discussions are sure to take place between the family.

Taking your children right through from before the trip even starts, it can help build confidence when it comes to travelling to new places.  An awareness of what to expect can make nervous children feel a bit more comfortable about experiencing new things.

Give your kids the book to fill any periods of down time, whilst waiting in a restaurant, taking long journeys, etc, and help to fill the gaps and ease any potential boredom.  Not only does this makes your kids happier, but it also gives you a bit of a rest too!

The completed book is also a great reminder of the trip when you return home; a personalised souvenir and keepsake that your children can look back on to relive those happy memories that you family created in New York.


Holidays where kids actively take part and are fully engaged for most of the trip are often the best trips for everyone.  Happy kids generally equals happy parents … everyone can have fun discovering the many delights and wonders of New York and the USA and take something home with them from the experience.  Combining travel and learning is fun!

It is also possible to buy each book individually:
Kids’ Travel Guide – USA and Kid’s Travel Guide – New York.

Have a wonderful family vacation!


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